Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris

WCTR Broadcasting
Right on the fault line

Basic Information
Birthday: November 10th
Relationship Status: At one with the universe, but also at two with it as well

Sex: Musky
Interested in: Apocalyptic yoga, deep spiritual cayenne pepper and sea salt colonic cleansin, Radio broadcasting, spiritual enlightenment, Ommmming. Incense that you sprinkle on hot coals, religious symbols that sooth the ladies, turning the sticky mess of your mind inside out like you done prolapsed your soul. That’s cleansin. That’s health. That’s real shit. That’s part of my book “When One Becomes Two.” Ommmmmmm.

Religious Views: - I’m focused, that’s my view.
Political Views: - Don’t try and hustle a hustler, or you gonna get it. Ommmmmm.

to blow your mind. And about to fire my producer for being a terrible ass hippie. You got to open your mind. Close your heart. Peak through the blinds of your soul. Raise the curtains on your chakra. Shine a light on it. Get a microscope and burn some ants. Those ants represent your eyes. They go in two different directions. I’m about keeping you focused by doing this: Ommmmmmm.