Elitas Travel

There's first class and then there's Elitas

Elitas Travel is the online leader in executive aviation sales, serving the needs of the high-maintenance luxury traveler for over 15 years.

Flying commercial is the new economy class. Claw back some self-respect by going private today. The aircraft of your dreams is just a click away.

Our all-new ElitasTravel.com website is launching soon with a top fleet of new and pre-owned aircraft. Upscale luxury liners, military grade choppers, sporty stunt gliders – we have got it all.

Now servicing the greater Los Santos area, we are offering a special one-time deal for all LS-area customers who own private hangars: STALK this page here at Lifeinvader and get 10% off your first Elitas purchase. Be the sole member of your own mile-high club today! Why do you think autopilot was invented?