Duane Earl - Host of Beyond Insemination

Blaine County Radio – 15 years on the air
Blaine County, America

Basic Information
Birthday: February 19th
Relationship Status: Coitus Mucho

Sex: Hell Yeah
Interested in: Animal husbandry, drag racing, mud boggin, estrus, nature documentaries, carnivorous plants, Speedophile accident videos, laying a lady down on a bear skin rug still warm from the ass whoopin(the bear, not the lady), German cinema, tractor pulls, long range archery, making arts and crafts out of old Logger Light cans, cans(as in honkers), my award winning radio show.

Religious Views: - Are you there God? It’s me, your friend Duane.
Political Views: - Don’t tread on me, kiss me if you gonna screw me outta my money.

Everything you need to know about me can be heard weekdays on my fine radio broadcast “Beyond Insemination.”