Warstock Cache & Carry

Public Safety
For all your rogue military needs

Whether you’re a private security company, paramilitary force, rebel militia, hot housewife, radical insurgent, unhinged lottery winner, over-zealous neighborhood watch group, or just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we’ve got you covered.

Our online store is officially launching. Visit us anytime even from your iFruit phone at Warstock-Cache-And-Carry.com and shop for all your armored vehicle needs in the Los Santos area.

We know you appreciate being prepared, and so do we. So as a one-time special deal for all those who STALK our page here at LifeInvader, we’re happy to offer a 10% discount for your first purchase of any armored vehicle at our online store when it launches this September. STALK now and stay tuned to our page to see some of the inventory we’ll have on offer.
Stand your ground and mean it!